I was diagnosed with MS ( Multiple Sclerosis ) in 2016 and the worst symptom to cope with every day is the constant fatigue. The MS medication that I drink every day also puts a burden on my liver.

I have started to use doTerra essential oils to help me manage my health better in April 2018, however since I started using O2Water's Super-Oxygenated water together with the oils, I have seen a huge lift in my fatigue. I can now manage going out and attending events at night until about 10pm without taking an afternoon nap. I also had great news that the blood count in my liver has increased during this time and is now back at normal levels. This is wonderful news because the MS medication has caused a very low count in the past 2 years and a great bonus when I learned that oxygen water also helps clean the liver.

I will continue using O2Water's Super-Oxygenated water. It is affordable, cost effective and easy to prepare. My biggest battle is now keeping track of how much I have drunk for the day (I aim for 1 - 2 litres a day), but my kids like to drink it too and therefore we go through the oxygen water much faster - I will need to invest in a second cylinder soon...

I first tried O2Water Super Oxygenated water when I had a migraine, I was surprised how quickly the symptoms eased. I use O2 water before exercise, I have noticed that for short exercise periods, 30 minutes or less, I have more stamina, energy drop off is not as noticeable. I’m about to start more sustained training over longer time periods and distance on my bike and in my kayak. I have read that O2 water helps with recovery. I’m looking forward to proving that this is correct. I have recently had a virus, I have been drinking a litre of O2 water a day. I have defiantly felt more alert and have more energy during recovery than I normally would.


I have been using O2Water Super Oxygenated water for a few months now and drink about 1 litre a day. I’ve noticed I have more energy during the day and don’t fall asleep in the couch in the evenings watching TV. Recently I had a bad gastro-enteritis tummy bug. I recalled being told that oxygen kills most germs and is used to treat nausea. I decided to give it a go and drank a big glass of O2 water. I was amazed when the nausea stopped and my stomach cramps quickly reduced to nothing. It was the turning point of my recovery from the tummy bug. I am continuing to use O2Water every day as I’m not as tired and I just feel a lot better all round.


I was engaged as a business consultant by O2 Water in mid-2018. I immediately researched, for my own interest, the benefits of oxygenated water and found a substantial number of positive claims, including higher energy, improved health, disease prevention/reversal, and more stamina. I own and operate a high-demand business and am also a keen tramper – so I bought a siphon and started to use the oxygenated water daily, wondering whether or not it would make a noticeable difference to me. About 5 days in, I was definitely noticing higher concentration and energy levels than before. (Occasionally I miss a day – and I notice the reverse effects too: energy-drain and less stamina.) I’m now a regular user, and grateful for the opportunity to consume something so ‘natural’, which is both restorative and apparently preventative . . . And the fact that I’m drinking more cold water (rather than simply hot drinks) has to be good for me too! Whether you’re a high-performance athlete, or simply an “average person” like me, I’d encourage you to prove the benefits to yourself – buy one and give it a go! If you’re like me, you’ll be pleased that you did.