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O₂ Siphon Starter Pack

O₂ Siphon Starter Pack

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Oxygenized water enhances our health!


Regularly consuming super-oxygenated water has the potential to benefit your health in several ways including:

  • overall general wellbeing
  • improved muscle recovery following exercise
  • enhanced mental alertness
  • improved circulation
  • increase liver function and detoxification, including break down of lactic acid, alcohol and other toxins
  • improved metabolism
  • more efficient mitochondria activity for energy production


1L Siphon + 1 box of 24 O₂ canisters ( each canister makes 1 L )

2 year full service and parts warranty

Why would you buy oxygenized water in the shops when it is possible to own your own gear producing it anytime you wish and any quantity of the best quality oxygenized water?

Many researchers and tests have proven the positive effect of the oxygenized water.

The civilized human body often fights serious oxygen deficiency, which creates favorable conditions for chronic diseases. These-like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer-become endemic nowadays. However, experience has shown that this not only prevented by replacing the oxygen, but the vitality of the "choking" body can be almost recovered.

Bottled oxygenized waters loses a great deal of oxygen during their shelf life while our oxygen siphon allows you to produce fresh oxygenized water whenever you need it and then you can immediately consume fresh oxygenized water. This way, we can offer our consumers the most oxygenized saturated water possible.